Project Description

As a small nonprofit in Baltimore City, Maryland, NEWfit leadership knew that in order to showcase it’s impact and attract new donors/sponsorships, it needed to uplevel it’s brand.

Kevin Anderson, Founder and Executive Director, created an amazing structured recess and afterschool athletics program to support the lack of funding for health education in the Baltimore City public school system. The program and it’s offerings, serving inner city youth grades K-8, grew exponentially each year since it’s launch in 2013. After building a strategic fund development plan, Kevin realized that in order to attract the funding required to support it’s programming goals, the story of NEWfit needed to be told in a different and better way.

Rebel was brought in to facilitate a rebrand from the ground up. We started with a strategic brand clarity workshop to get to the heart of what the organization stood for, from which a new mission, vision and core values were created. In addition, we completed an analysis of survey results, SWOT and competition to learn more. A full brand strategy was developed which included persona identification and brand messaging (including brand voice and tone).

The result was a completely revamped and upgraded visual brand identity that captured NEWfit’s athletic spirit and youthful target market.


  • Brand Clarity Workshop
  • Visual Brand Identity
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Style Guide and Toolkit
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